Submission Request - Mortgage

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Submission Request – Mortgage  Important Info & Procedure

  1.  It is the loan originator’s responsibility to coordinate with lender AE on program guidelines and documentation requirement.
  2. All pages of final 1003, with corrections and revisions marked on initial online application previously sent to loan originator, to be uploaded at the time of making submission request.
  3. Prior to submission request received by the processing team, any Add/Change request in regard to the content in 1003, will not be reviewed and/or processed by processing team due to the uncertainty of the application.
  4. Submission review results will be emailed to loan originator after completed by processing team.
  5. 48-hour turn time is needed by processing team on general submission request. 
  6. Prior-to-Submission findings issued by the processing team, to be satisfied by loan originator prior to formal submission to lender.
  7. Processing team will not be responsible for any delay if procedure is not followed accordingly.