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Submission Request - Mortgage

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Important Info & Procedure

  1. It is the responsibility of the loan originator to collaborate with the lender’s Account Executive (AE) regarding program guidelines and documentation requirements.
  2. When making the submission request, ensure that all pages of the final 1003, including any corrections and revisions marked on the initial online application previously sent to the Loan Originator, are uploaded.
  3. Please note that prior to the processing team’s receipt of the submission request, any Add/Change request concerning the content within the 1003 application will not undergo review or processing. This is due to the uncertainty associated with the application.
  4. Upon completion by the processing team, the results of the submission review will be communicated to the Loan Originator via email.
  5. The processing team requires a 48-hour turnaround time for general submission requests.
  6. Prior-to-submission findings issued by the processing team must be addressed and resolved by the Loan Originator before formal submission to the lender.
  7. It is essential to follow these procedures meticulously to prevent any delays, as the processing team will not be held responsible for any resulting delays.