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Smart-Buy Pre-Qual

Take the Guess Work Out of Selling

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Step One: PRE-QUAL

  1. Easy Online Application with a short form to complete in 5-minute.
  2. No upfront credit report fees from the buyer.
  3. Loan type recommendation of Conventional, FHA, or VA loan.
  4. Amortization type options with Fixed, Adjustable, or Hybrid loan programs to choose from.
  5. Provide payment comparison for 30-yr, 15-Yr, or other terms to fit in buyers’ budget.
  6. Low closing cost or zero closing cost program available upon request.
  7. Maximize buyer purchase power with SMART-BUY MORTGAGE to obtain the client’s dream home.

Step Two: SHOW

  1. Assurance of the maximum loan amount qualified by the lender.
  2. Worry-Free property selection with pre-defined affordability.
  3. Precise evaluation of property price range as requested by the buyer.

Step Three: SELL

  1. Loan applications are reviewed immediately by the processing team after escrow opened.
  2. Real-time email notification on loan processing progress by MLO and the processing team.
  3. Instant loan approval notification to the real estate agent.
  4. Joint forces/teamwork on solving loan condition challenges from lenders.

Step Four: SOLD

  1. Immediate email notification on loan funding and escrow closing.
  2. Broker real estate transaction fee* reduced from $495 to $195 under the SMART-BUY Combo program. Applicable to Residential 1-4 Units only; additional details apply.