Rate Lock Request - Mortgage

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Rate Lock Request

– Mortgage

Important Info & Procedure

  1. Rate-lock will only be performed after the file has been registered and submitted to the lender. 
  2. Loan originator to provide proper program information and accurate pricing adjustment to avoid any delay of the process.
  3. Loan originator will receive email notification after request has been processed. 
  4. Lender’s rate lock confirmation will be forwarded to loan originator upon receiving. 
  5. Request will be void automatically if unable to complete the lock prior to lender’s deadline of the day.
  6. Re-submission of Rate Lock request is a must, with updated pricing information if not completed on previous attempt.
  7. Loan originator is responsible for monitoring rate lock expiration and requesting extension as needed.
  8. Processing team will not be responsible for any delay of rate lock due to the uncontrollable circumstances from any party during the process.