New Transaction Registration - Real Estate

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New Transaction Registration –   Real Estate Important Info & Procedure

  1. Agent must be current member of the Association of Realtors if engaged in any real estate transaction.
  2. All transactions including listing, sale, or leasing, to be registered with company immediately after transaction was initiated.
  3. If dual representation applies, both sides of the transaction need “New Transaction Registration”.
  4. New Transaction Registration is prerequisite of various other requests on VirtualAgents360, or such request will not be able to proceed accordingly.
  5. Transaction Document Checklist provided for your reference here: Real Estate Transaction Document Checklist 
  6. All transaction related document forwarding to office, will only be processed after request received via EDM Document Upload request.
  7. Instruction to Pay Commission form generated by Escrow Company, to be forwarded to broker for approval at the time of escrow opening.