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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  1. What is Allstar Brokers Network?
    Since 1996, Allstar Brokers Network has been a full service Real Estate brokerage firm providing both real estate & mortgage solutions to home owners throughout Southern California.
  2. How is Allstar Brokers Network different from other real estate companies?
    Our associates are equipped with the expertise and knowledge on both real estate & mortgage to provide a one-stop service center to home owners.
  3. Where is Allstar Brokers Network located?
    Allstar Brokers Network is an online based brokerage with the most innovative web support via the Virtual Agents website on all transactions & management communication through the internet.
  4. What is Virtual Agents?
    Virtual Agents is a state of the art broker-agent communication intranet exclusively provided to associates of Allstar Brokers Network with all the tools an associate will need for real estate & mortgage transactions.
  5. What is EDM (Electronic Document Management)?
    EDM is a secure way of submitting all documents to the company through a toll free fax line or PDF documents can also be emailed to the company. All posted documents are easily accessible by agents 24/7 via the internet.
  6. Does Allstar Brokers Network have an In-House Escrow division?
    No, as an associate of Allstar Brokers Network you have the freedom to select any independent escrow company to handle your transaction.
  7. What is the real estate commission split to associate?
    Associates will be entitled to 100% commission with a flat transaction fee to broker (see Compensation Exhibit).
  8. What is the mortgage commission split to the associate?
    Associates are entitled to 100% commission with a flat administration fee to broker (see Compensation Exhibit).
  9. Do I need an additional license to originate mortgage transactions?
    Yes, additional mortgage loan originator license must be obtained from the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (N.M.L.S.) Allstar Brokers Network will assist associates with the proper procedure and preparation in obtaining the NMLS license endorsement.
  10. Is there a sign-up fee or any monthly fee to Allstar Brokers Network?
    No, there will not be any sign-up fee, monthly fees or royalties to be paid by the associate.
  11. Will Allstar Brokers Network provide office facilities for Agents to utilize?
    Allstar Brokers Network has partnered with Premier Business Centers to provide various office facility locations for Agents at a fee.
  12. How do I get more information on private office and conference facility setup?
    See Office Facilities under the General Office section on Virtual Agents for more information about 48 locations in Southern California. (see Locations)
  13. Am I required to join an Association of Realtors?
    It is not mandatory prior to initiating any real estate transactions, however it is highly recommended that agents join the AOR for many benefits including access to Multiple Listing Service, free real estate forms, legal hotline, training and more.
  14. What is the Risk Management cost?
    All real estate transactions are required to pay a Risk Management fee per transaction at closing, which includes the E & O Insurance premium if applied. Mortgage transactions are exempt from this fee.
  15. Why does Allstar Brokers Network require my bank card information?
    There are fees assessed by Allstar Brokers Network or 3rd party vendors during the real estate & mortgage transactions (see Fee Schedule).  In order to expedite the process of the transactions, your bank card will be charged at the appropriate time as indicated on the Fee Schedule, either by Allstar Brokers Network or the 3rd party vendor.
  16. Why does Allstar Brokers Network require my Bank Account & Routing numbers?
    In order to enhance the service to our Agents, Allstar Brokers Network requires your bank account and routing numbers so that all Agent’s commission can be ACH / Direct Deposited into the Agent’s account at the time of commission disbursement.
  17. Will I be able to perform transactions on commercial property, business opportunity, etc.?
    Yes, all transactions permitted by the Department of Real Estate under the licensing law can be conducted under Allstar Brokers Network.
  18. Will I be working under supervision of management on real estate or mortgage transactions?
    Yes, you will be supervised by the Sales Manager throughout the transaction process who can be accessed through Virtual Agents request channels for immediate assistance.
  19. Is there a coaching program on real estate or mortgage transactions?
    Yes, at the agent’s request, a coach will be assigned one-on-one to assist on all real estate or mortgage transactions at an agreeable commission split between the co-op associates.
  20. How do I sign up?
    Select Join Our Team on Login Page of Virtual Agents and follow all the simple steps to complete the sign up procedures.