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Commission Disbursement Request - Mortgage

DateSubject Property
DateSubject Property

Commission Disbursement Request – Mortgage  

 Important Info & Procedure

  1. Commission Disbursement requests will only be processed after the broker closing package, including the broker commission, and the closing statement have been received by the broker. 
  2. Requests submitted prior to the “Broker Commission Received” notification to the Loan Originator, will not be processed. 
  3. Broker commission amount to be confirmed by loan originator in order to ensure disbursement accuracy according to company Compensation Exhibit.
  4. It is the agent’s responsibility to include and adjust the amount under the request for special incentives announced by the company.
  5. ACH / Direct Deposit Authorization form to be completed by loan originator and uploaded in request accordingly. 
  6. The Loan Originator’s commission will only be disbursed through ACH/Direct Deposit on each Friday if all procedures have been completed and approved prior to 5:00 PM on the previous Friday.
  7. The office will not be responsible for any delays if the procedures are not followed accordingly.