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Commission Disbursement Request - Real Estate

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Important Info & Procedure

  1. Commission Disbursement requests will be initiated for processing only after the broker has received the complete closing package, including the broker commission, and the closing statement.
  2. Requests submitted prior to the agent’s receipt of email notification confirming the reception of the closing package will not be considered for processing.
  3. Agents are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the broker check amount and other property information listed on the closing statement. This verification is essential to ensure precise disbursement in accordance with the company Compensation Exhibit.
  4. Agents are tasked with including and adjusting amounts under the request for any special incentives announced by the company, as applicable.
  5. When applicable, agents must confirm the registration of a “Smart-Buy Referral” on – Smart-Buy Combo. It’s important to note that a reduced Company Dollar amount will be received when the Smart-Buy Referral is applied.
  6. Agents will promptly receive notification of the document broker-review result once all transaction-related documents have been received and approved by the broker officer.
  7. In the event of incomplete or missing documentation, agents must respond promptly to email notices from the office, providing satisfactory results to proceed with the commission disbursement process.
  8. Agents are required to complete the ACH/Direct Deposit Authorization form and upload it as part of the request process.
  9. Agent commissions will only be disbursed through ACH/Direct Deposit every Friday, provided that all procedures, including document Broker-Review, are successfully completed, and approved before 5:00 p.m. on the preceding Friday.
  10. Please be aware that any delays in the disbursement process arising from non-compliance with the established procedures will not be the responsibility of the office. It is crucial to follow these procedures meticulously for timely disbursement.